Mission Statement

We provide affordable office space for small businesses in Tacoma and create a community of professionals seeking a work environment that boosts their productivity. We do this by providing furnished Month to Month office space with affordable packages to help get businesses off the ground. Our Company was founded by entrepreneurs in 2013 who have run a successful business in Tacoma for the past 30 years. These coworking spaces were born from their dream of an ecosystem of professionals working alongside each other creating an environment where entrepreneurs can help each other to grow and cultivate their businesses. An environment our founders wish they had in Tacoma when they started their business over 30 years ago.

About SURGE Coworking

Surge Coworking helps individuals and small businesses to reach their full potential by providing office space and an inspiring community of like-minded business people.

Coworking at Surge is a flexible and affordable option for people who are just starting out and need a professional space to take meetings and grow their business; who are feeling isolated in a home office and wishing for a little human interaction to break up the day; who work for themselves so they can make their own hours, but their productivity suffers without structure; who just need a space to get work done without distractions that keep them from focusing on their goals.

Surge offers multiple workspace areas, meeting rooms, fast fiber internet, free local coffee, mail service, printer, office supplies, networking events and more, included with every membership.

In addition to office space, what makes our coworking space special is the community. Startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, nonprofits, students and more from a variety of industries work side by side, giving you the opportunity to network and socialize throughout the day. Inspire each other with your journeys, team up on a business project, refer clients--the possibilities are endless.

Our flagship location opened in 2013 and is the longest running coworking space in Tacoma. Surge is founded by an entrepreneurial family who saw the need for a better connected business community and affordable office space in Tacoma. Surge Coworking helps get local businesses off the ground and inspires entrepreneurs and startup businesses by offering an exciting work space and professional colleagues to work around. Since then, hundreds of members have benefited from our flexible office space solutions and supportive coworking community. Whether you’re a solopreneur, dynamic duo, or small- to mid-sized team, we can help you find a home base for your business at Surge Coworking.

About The Owners

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Eli Moreno, CEO

Surge Coworking was founded by the Moreno Family. Eli & Amber Moreno have been working in real estate for over 30 years.

They are both entrepreneurs and together founded their company in the early 90’s here in Tacoma. The goal in creating coworking spaces has been driven by creating a space that the Morenos themselves wish they could have been a part of when they started their own business here in Tacoma.

They hope that in having this space, more individuals in Tacoma can get their businesses off the ground and grow here in Tacoma.

Stasha Moreno, COO

Stasha Moreno has been working in the coworking businesses since moving back to Tacoma after college. She runs the operations of Surge Tacoma, Surge South, and Union Club.

Together the Moreno family is passionate about providing affordable office space to the Tacoma community and growing the entrepreneurial community here.

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Meet The SURGE Team

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Eli Moreno


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Stasha Moreno



Alice Lubic

Community Manager



"Initially, I came to SURGE to get away from my wife’s three cats. After the 15th time they ran across my keyboard and messed up a piece of content I was working on, I knew it was time for my own space. Coffee shops were an option, but I got tired of drinking a gallon of coffee every day and I didn’t like leaving my laptop unattended when I had to use the bathroom (it was so much coffee). I saw an ad for SURGE and called them up for a tour. The Community Manager showed me around, and I signed up right away. For the price, the amenities you get at SURGE are the best deal in Tacoma. My revenue has grown 10x since I joined in February 2016, a large part of that due to the professional atmosphere, the location, and the support they offer. If you want to take your business to the next level, SURGE has the tools to help you do it. When you take your tour, stop by and say ‘Hi!"



"I have been a SURGE member since early 2016. Having a nice workspace, outside of my home is essential for me. Having a community of people to connect with professionally and personally makes it an enjoyable place to be. I recommend SURGE Tacoma to anyone looking for coworking in the area."

Krystina Jarvis

Owner, A Drop in the Ocean

"SURGE has been incredible. I honestly initially chose it because I needed a mailing address for my business, but now, the value I get out of being a member is worth every penny. As a Cafe member, I love the flexibility with where I work. My current favorite spot overlooks the city, and as the sun sets on Mt. Rainier–there’s just no better way to end a work day. I also love knowing that as my business grows, my membership can grow with me into a dedicated desk or office. The monthly member events are great for meeting new people and seeing the diversity of businesses in the space. I would recommend SURGE to anyone currently based out of their home who needs a place to get work done besides their couch - entrepreneurs, students, authors, artists, anyone. Although working in sweatpants at home is nice on occasion, I’ve found that my productivity is boosted significantly when I’m at SURGE."

Terrilski Davis

Owner, Platoon 720 Credit and Business Formations

"I chose SURGE after discovering its existence online while searching for office space outside of my home. I needed not just an office building, or coworking space, but a community. Hands down SURGE provides that community for business owners in any industry to come and feel welcomed in an environment that’s conducive for growth without threat of competition, but collaboration and genuine networks. I would totally recommend it for any startup business that needs to expand not just their company but their productivity with peace of mind."

Jayson Owens

Financial Advisor with Bright Road Wealth Management

"I chose Surge because my previous 'executive office' management company was literally the worst! Stuffy and unworkable. I called Surge on Friday afternoon at 4:30pm looking for conference space after finding out that my previous company had canceled my bookings for the next week! They were able to get me signed up and saved all those meetings!

Since the beginning the staff has been so helpful and flexible. I work a lot of evenings and weekends and having access to the building has made my business possible! I love the energy here and the opportunity for spontaneous conversation in the kitchen."

"I've been working at SURGE Tacoma for a little over 2 years now and love it! I enjoy showing up every day to get things done and grow my business!"

"I just wanted to reach out and thank you for setting up SURGE. Being at SURGE helped me build confidence and work in an efficient space and I do not think I would have grown as much as I have in the last year and a half it was not for being here."

"​For me, coming to SURGE is my getaway. I can’t imagine being secluded at home and trying to work with the kids. All moms that work at home should try it–even just once a week 😊"


"I loved my time at SURGE and look forward to reconnecting with you again! Thank you so much for the time I spent there and for having such a great environment to work in!"

Will Manzanares

Owner, Will Talks Biz

"I chose SURGE because it was local and central. You guys were nicer than some of the other places–personality wise–and when I saw the prices in Seattle, I was like, that is ridiculous. The price is right for what I am trying to do. I also thought, wouldn’t my skill set help most of the start-ups here? I have been so used to doing things out of my house, this helps separate home from work. I wanted to experience a coworking space, and it is better than a coffee shop. I also chose it because you are more flexible than other spaces. Coworking spaces are for those who need to be driven by going to a work place, and they can’t separate their home life and their work life."