Member Spotlight: Gary Burkhart, Craft Beer Source

Tell us about your business!

We are Craft Beer Source. We represent local breweries in a sales capacity. We have a passion for beer and educating people on our industry and what we have to offer. It was the frustration of others controlling our destiny and not allowing us the creativity and freedom to bring beer out into the market that motivated us to start this business.

Who is your ideal customer?

Our ideal customers are anyone that serves or sells beer.  We refer to “on-prem” as a place where you go to drink (bars, restaurants, taverns) and “off-prem” where you can get beer to go (either in package or growlers). 

What obstacles have you faced?

Our biggest obstacles are just getting to all of the places that serve beer.  One of the biggest challenges is getting a place to bring in a beer more than once.  Everyone wants the newest, latest and greatest beer.  That is true for both the account and their customers. 

What are your hopes for Craft Beer Source? 

Our hope is to grow our business and expand into other markets.  Right now, we work in Tacoma/Pierce County, So King County, Kitsap and Thurston Counties. In 5 years we would like to have markets opened up in Vancouver/Portland, Seattle, Spokane and Bellingham.

Why did you choose Surge South?

Surge has been great.  The flexibility alone is worth it.  We started out with a café membership and have moved to a desk (waiting for an office to open).  All of the resources available are worth it as well.  From mail, to printing, to just simple things of having a place to work and not be distracted by people not working. I recommend it to anyone who needs some “professional surroundings” because you can focus on your work and be more productive.

Where can we go to support you?

It is pretty simple to get ahold of us.  You can visit us on our website at  You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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