Member Spotlight: Donna Thompson

Tell us about yourself!

I help small businesses and nonprofit organizations share their stories with the world. My projects are tailored to specific needs and include creative services like marketing campaigns, brochures and catalogs, print and electronic newsletters, WordPress websites, writing and editing, communications training, social media and graphics of all kinds.

Throughout my career in graphic design and marketing I’ve recognized the need for smaller businesses and nonprofits to have a road map for success when it comes to promoting their products and services. That one- or two- or three-person shop and the service-minded nonprofit deserve professional materials to help them shine. These are my favorite clients because their ideas and aspirations are bigger than they are right now. We work together to create a cohesive look with a consistent voice so they can grow into those big dreams.

What obstacles have you faced and how are you tackling them?

I’m working on the next level of my business, not so much an obstacle. Over the past few years it’s grown increasingly important for me to meld my professional work with my own personal values. That means infusing narratives about sustainability, climate resiliency and corporate responsibility into the work I do. It also means cultivating a roster of businesses and nonprofits ready to incorporate these concepts into their way of doing business and their communications. I’m leveling up by talking about how sustainability helps not just the planet, but your bottom line—regardless of your industry.

I have experience as a speaker and mentor for The Climate Reality Project and know the public look to the business community to lead the way in these areas. As we face the very real threats of climate change, those businesses need to be ready to highlight their own sustainable materials and practices, or simply their sustainability-minded corporate ethos.

Why did you choose Surge South?

I toured Surge Tacoma after hearing more and more about how one of my mentors was using coworking for her business in New York. I wasn’t quite sold on the idea that I needed a separate space just yet, and then I heard about plans for Surge South. I watched construction on social media and took a tour after it was up and running. I like that there’s a little less of a “city” feel here compared with other locations and it’s convenient to downtown Tacoma as well as University Place. It’s also reassuring to know that there’s probably going to be an easy place to park when I need to run in and hop on a conference call.  

Where can we go to support you?

Everything I do is custom, so the best way to get started is with a quick email to or a text to 253-254-4410. You can also learn more about me online at