Member Spotlight: Emerald City Taxes

Jordan Terzakos, EA. Owner of Emerald City Taxes

What do you do and why do you do it?

I am a credentialed tax professional who specializes in individual and small businesses returns. I want to be a resource for any and all taxpayers in the greater Seattle / Tacoma area and for them to have full trust that their taxes are filed correctly and affordably.

What was your inspiration/motivation to get started?

My inspiration began last year, working for a major tax firm. When I looked around at our operations, it seemed like there was so much more to be desired from your tax professionals that we weren’t offering. Their pay scale made little sense and customer service was not a priority, profit was. After seeing this, I dedicated the off-season to pass all required exams to become an Enrolled Agent (more info here) and serve my community with their best interests in mind. 

Who would benefit from the service you provide?

Anyone who feels like it costs too much to file with their current preparer or anyone who does not fully trust in their current preparer could benefit from meeting with us. With so many different firms and methods of filing, it can easily be overwhelming, so make sure you are comfortable with your choice!

Tell us about one of the biggest obstacles you have faced in your work and how you overcame/are tackling it.

I have dealt with several unique and complicated tax situations beyond simply filing the return. Tax law can get vague and sometimes silent on certain issues, especially with COVID legislation being thrown into the mix. With seemingly endless tax law revisions and updates, tax preparers are obligated to study after hours to ensure they are giving accurate information to their clients. When I am given a question I don’t fully know the answer to, I typically spend a couple hours researching and analyzing the tax law pertaining to that specific issue at hand. 

What are your hopes for your business? Where do you see it five years from now? I hope this business becomes the backbone for taxpayers in the community for any tax related issue they have. I know that I am on the right track when one of my clients thinks to themselves, “It’s okay, Jordan can help me with this issue” one day. Five years from now, I am hoping to become a CPA and delve more into the tax accounting industry, compared to just taxes like I am now.

What made you choose Surge South Tacoma? What has your experience been like and who would you recommend it for

Surge South Tacoma was a perfect blend of location and affordability. I love knowing that I do not have to have to take on a massive overhead cost just to have an office space. Being placed just a couple minutes off of I-5 makes this location accessible to my entire target market, and having an office space to meet with clients has made each and every dollar spent worth it! 

Where can people go to support your business?

Phone (Call and Text): 253-221-4515