Member Spotlight: Gabriel McCrary, Leap Lingo


Gabriel McCrary, Founder and CEO of Leap Lingo, LLC

The Leap Lingo platform uses the latest technology tools, including artificial intelligence (AI) to help English language learners improve their communication ability. Learning a new language is no different than learning how to ride a bike or playing the piano. It is important for English language learners to have access to the tools needed to succeed including appropriate curriculum, clear goals and instructional support, as well as a forum for the practical application of knowledge.   In addition, learner motivation is important and plays a key role in the rate of learning and can be used to predict performance in both an academic and real-world context.  Leap Lingo recognizes that each student may have a different learning style and priority for the future.   Thus, before getting started with any type of instructional support, we do a thorough analysis of your learning styles, current and future goals, as well as review previous English language instruction to formulate the best possible plan to move forward.

I’m Gabriel McCrary, founder and CEO of Leap Lingo LLC. I graduated from Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont, with a B.A. in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Education, M.Ed, from Southeastern University.  I also served in the United States Air Force/Guard Reserves as a weather forecaster briefing aviation pilots, and trained troops as a defense contractor.  All of these experiences taught me the importance of quality education and how a strong educational foundation can be used as an advantage and often is an indicator of success in a real world context.


What was your motivation to get started?

My background in the field of English as Second Language instruction began in 2007 when I worked in South Korea. I worked for YBM Education, a major English Language instructional company and other educational institutions.   I have experience instructing a variety of different age groups and abilities including: government officials, business executives, kindergarten through university aged students and teaching English to orphans. I have taught a variety of styles of instruction including traditional classroom instruction, role playing and situational themed classes, and small group online seminars.

It has always been a joy to witness students achieve success as well as develop a skill set that will last a lifetime. Language learning students are often highly motivated and instructors can notice improvements quickly because of the high rate of motivation. Leap Lingo was started to create a platform for learning and growth for ESL learners regardless of their location and ability.  Personalized content as well as individual instruction is needed for language learners, including adult learners, who may not have the structure or learning resources that a traditional school system provides. 

Who would benefit from the service you provide?

The ideal customer would be anyone of any age and ability who is an ESL learner. We offer support online or in-person instruction. We can also provide customized curriculum instruction to match the student’s learning style and future goals

Tell us about one of the biggest challenges you have faced in your work and how you are tackling it?

One of the biggest challenges has been working with students from different time zones around the planet.  This has brought more awareness regarding time zone differences between Pacific Standard Time (PST) and best times to communicate with individuals in multiple locations.  I like to ask what is the best time to call or video conference a student who lives internationally and notate that on a calendar. Thus, I have a record regarding what is the ideal time to reach out to them.

What are your hopes for your business?

Leap Lingo is a place where language learners can come to enjoy learning and be themselves in a supportive environment. In addition, the impact on families is especially high in the field of English language learning, as a child may often help the parents learn a new language as well. The learning and knowledge shared in a language learning environment can often multiply and create a generational approach to learning. 

I would like Leap Lingo to be one of the foremost leaders in the use of online AI instruction, offering the best curriculum and tools to help ESL students succeed in both an academic context and the real world.

What made you choose Surge South Tacoma? What has your experience been like and who would you recommend it for?

Surge South Tacoma has been a great place to grow as a business. The location as well as the Community Manager, Alice has been extremely helpful in answering questions that arise. In addition, the friendly nature of the other co-working members adds a great environment to work in. I have used the conference rooms a number of times to hold meetings as well as use the overhead projector to display information on the large screen to review. Surge South Tacoma has done a fantastic job of providing a great support network and an entry way to the business community.

Where can people go to support your business?

Website:  Email:

Telephone: 917-387-0170

Additional Info 

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about English as a Second Language or conducting business from an international perspective.  Operating in a global marketplace provides many benefits including an opportunity to learn a new language, meet new friends and business associates, as will keep you up-to-date on international news.