Member Spotlight: Childers Davidson Homes

What do you do and why do you do it? 

            We help change lives through the power of real estate because we understand the value of financial freedom. We also know what it’s like to be priced out of one’s community and understand that when a city develops, prices rise. Owning a home, rather than renting a home, offers more control for people to decide whether to move or stay. Tacoma plans to grow and we intend to stay. Homeownership has changed our lives for the better and we aim to help others in their homeownership as well.

What was your inspiration/motivation to get started? 

            Our big “Why” is to help people live quality lives for our families and for ourselves. Financial freedom through homeownership/investment for us means more time. More time for our family, more time for our community and more time to do the things we love to do rather than the things we have to do to pay rent. One day, we hope to own multiple properties so we can sustainably rent them out to others. Rather than increase rent solely based on current market value, we will work with our renters, connecting them with financial planners and educating them on how to become homeowners. We know how it feels to be forced out of an area due to skyrocketing rent increases. It sucks. We also understand how the market works. Homeownership offers more certainty to us than renting. Why not help others experience this same realization?

Who would benefit from the service you provide?

            Those who want to make educated decisions during their real estate adventures, whether purchasing or selling their home(s). And those who appreciate a holistic approach to real estate practices. Our Childers Davidson Homes logo intentionally includes the Flower of Life.

Tell us about one of the biggest obstacles you have faced in your work and how you overcame/are tackling it.

            Working together as husband and husband. We do everything together. We live, we work, and we want to raise our family together. Remembering when we are ‘at home’ waking up to morning coffee versus when it’s appropriate to discuss work is our biggest challenge, especially when most of our work is done from our actual home. Having a separate office space like Surge is our saving grace. To all married couples out there working together, we strongly suggest having individual work spaces – away from the home – for those times when you just need to get work done independently so you can come back home to be home.

What are your hopes for your business? Where do you see it five years from now? 

            Business-wise, we see ourselves solely flipping, selling, and renting out properties as Childers Davidson Homes five years from now. Helping people live quality lives, including ourselves and our family, is always our goal. We would love to be in the financial position where we can simply volunteer our strengths where they are needed and wanted in our community. Even more important for us is to have the free time to spend with our kids. Our kids will come first in our family and we know how expensive they can be, in both time and money. We see ourselves adopting within the next 5 years. Even though our kids’ names will most likely be chosen before adoption, we currently refer to our future children as Owen & Lovette and cannot wait to experience the pitter-patter of their feet running throughout our home.

What made you choose Surge Tacoma? What has your experience been like and who would you recommend it for?

            As a married couple who work mostly from our home, we needed an office space away from home. We love each other very much and want it to stay that way! We searched around our beloved Tacoma for an office space with 24/7 access and powerful internet as our main requirement. Surge Tacoma is in the Downtown Brewery District and has a rooftop deck – no brainer. Having a separate clean office space that is available 24/7 to work around our schedules, which wraps around our client schedules, is a must have for us. We recommend for any married couple with a business together to check out Surge Tacoma for themselves.

Where can people go to support your business?






Sometimes, we know of available residential properties not on the market. Call us at 253-245-3786 to learn more about how off-market property sales work in the State of Washington, or to simply set up your free consultation to purchase/sell your home.