Member Spotlight: White Marketing

What do you do and why do you do it? 

We exist because every business owner deserves to have a trusted partner who can help their marketing. We do SEO, Social Media, Digital Advertising in house and partner with TV, Radio, Print partners so that we can provide all services to our customers and be the one stop shop for them. Our goal is to be the CMO of our customers.

What was your inspiration/motivation to get started? 

I used to do marketing for bog box companies incl. Amazon & Target and as marketing technology became so accessible also for smaller budgets decided that working with small business owners is way more fun and rewarding.   

Who would benefit from the service you provide?

Business owners who have grown to the point where they know having a dedicated partner to do their marketing will help them grow sales. We love our customers in the PNW who we can stop by and meet face to face. However, it’s not required – especially right now with Zoom taking over.

Tell us about one of the biggest obstacles you have faced in your work and how you overcame/are tackling it.

We’ve lost about 30% of our business in March when the pandemic hit from our retail customers. We have been targeting and offering our services to service sector and business who were still operational and today (now in July), we were able to pick up some amazing new customers who get to partner with.

What are your hopes for your business? Where do you see it five years from now? 

Our hope is to prove that there are still some good guys out there. If you go to our website, you’ll find info about Mitch & Terra who are amazing at what they do in SEO. Or, you’ll find info about Sarah and how she helps our customers make smart decisions with their ad budget. It’s our people who make the difference and my hopes are that we will continue to grow this awesome team, which our customers can benefit from.

What made you choose Surge Tacoma? What has your experience been like and who would you recommend it for?

Videos Crafted recommended the space to us. We love the colors, style the other people here. Oh.. and the internet connection is phenomenal. Yes, totally recommend!

Where can people go to support your business?

Go to to request a free 60min consultation. We’d love to help our fellow neighbors out!