Member Spotlight: The Law Office of Michael Ewetuga

“One of the toughest things for me is writing about myself, it makes one appear to be egocentric, a matter of blowing your own trumpet, which I have been taught all my life is not ideal. I therefore have to find a way to do it without sounding off; hopefully I succeed in that endeavor. I intend to be short and concise; I have no intention of boring anyone to death. So, here goes:

My name is Michael Femi Ewetuga and I am originally from Nigeria, that is West Africa, in case you are interested enough to go looking for it on a map (it is actually easier if you Googled it.)

I have been fascinated with lawyers since I was about 3 years old. My dad’s house was very close to the court house, High Court of Lagos State, and lawyers patronized my mom, so I get to see lawyers almost on a daily basis. Lawyers in Nigeria still dress like their British counterparts and I find that highly fascinating. That fascination was solidified as a teenager, when I observed how the poor were mercilessly oppressed and thoroughly brutalized. To me, the legal profession is the best way to protect oneself as well as others.

The need and desire to protect myself, family and friends is what subsequently got me to attend law school which culminated in being licensed in that country in 1995 as a Barrister and Solicitor, to the amazement of everyone that knew me, including myself.

My goal then was to be good enough to be admitted as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, (SAN) which is what distinguishes super lawyers from mere mortals but I ended up moving to the United States in 2003. I was fortunate to have worked in other fields before getting licensed here in 2006. I set up an immigration practice in Dallas, Texas shortly after I was licensed before moving to Washington in 2007.

I was employed as a Contract Attorney with Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel in 2008 and thereafter worked with the Law Offices of Wickens Oliver, P.S., also as a Contract Attorney, and went into solo practice in 2009. I do what I do because everyone needs more than a lawyer when fighting for justice, the most important thing one needs is a friend and that is what I have been to most of the people I have had the privilege of representing.

My practice areas are:

Criminal Law;
Personal Injury;
Immigration Law;
General Civil Law;
Landlord &Tenant and
Traffic Tickets

The biggest obstacle, for someone in my situation, has always been preconception, especially as an African. It is difficult to convince most people that it is possible to receive quality education in Africa; a continent some believe is populated by savages. If you live on trees and play with animals where could you possibly be educated? This is a very tough perception to overcome, but who you need to believe in your ability and capability are your clients/friends and no one else and that is the best approach in overcoming such an obstacle.

I have been in this profession for a while and now thinking of winding it down, but I might still have about a decade left in me, whether or not I need more than that time will tell.

Technology simplified everything, one needs less and less space and to me Surge is ideal and I chose Surge South Tacoma because it appears to be in the middle of everything and also closer to my house than my former office. Surge is a place where one can grow one’s business since there are other likeminded people around. One could make some solid friends here, it is a networking haven.

I can be found at:, and can be contacted at 253-235-9034 and or send me friend request on Facebook, Michael Femi Ewetuga.

Thanks for taking time to read this.”