Member Spotlight: Lovetta Porchia, Miss Thick and Thin Mobile Boutique

Lovetta Porchia, owner of Miss Thick and Thin Mobile Boutique

Tell us about your business!
Miss Thick and Thin Mobile Boutique is a mobile fashion truck that turned into a pop up shop. I love fashion and I love having a place for people to come find today’s trends for a great price.

What was your inspiration to get started, and who would benefit from this service?
When I lived in Minnesota I saw a lot of small boutiques. Not department stores, just like shops specializing in one niche. I loved that. I loved the way the owner knew her customers and their style. It was inspiring and I told myself that no matter what, I would be one of those ladies. My shop is perfect for anybody looking for affordable fashion.

Tell us about one of the biggest obstacles you have faced in your work and how you are tackling it.
My biggest obstacle is making sure I keep inventory. Making sure I stay current with style and trying to juggle my passion for having a boutique and my day job. I’m tackling it by being stable at my job and consistently having the same days off, that way I am able to run my pop up shop on the same two days each week.

What are your hopes for your business five years from now?
In five years I see myself in a bigger office here, growing my pop up shop. I really love the one-on-one experience I get from having a brick and mortar shop, and here I can have it without all the usual expenses. This helps me keep my prices low.

What made you choose Surge South Tacoma?
I actually didn’t choose Surge South, it chose me. Funny, I was at the wrong place looking for an office space. I met the Community Manager, Alice, and when I told her what I was looking for her face lit up. She said, “I have the perfect space” and I loved everything about it. It is the perfect size for me to be open two days a week. I hope after all the festivals this summer I can drive customers to a space set up like my truck. Keep the experience going.

Where can people go to support your business? 
You can find me on Facebook and Instagram @missthickandthin, check out the current collection on my website, and come to the pop up shop on Thursdays and Fridays! The shop is located at 5401 S Tacoma Way, come around the back of the building to the dark brown door on the left and you’ll see my sign.