Directions & Parking Info for Surge South Visitors

If you meet clients or visitors at Surge South, it’s not always obvious to people A) what this building is and B) where to go once they arrive. Streamline the process by sending them directions ahead of time so they know exactly where to park and how to get inside. You can download a PDF of this information here to attach to an email or copy and paste from below. If you would like these instructions modified for your specific office, email Alice and she’ll take care of it.

Office Directions and Parking Info

The office is located within the Surge South Tacoma coworking space at 5401 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409 on the SE corner of S Tacoma Way and S 54th St. 

There is a private parking lot behind the building where you may park; the entrance is on S 54th street between S Tacoma Way and S Puget Sound Ave. If you park in the lot, let me know the make and model of your vehicle so I can inform the building manager.

Free street parking is available. There is a 2 hour limit between 8am and 6pm if you park on S Tacoma Way or the north side of S 54th street. There is no time limit on the south side of 54th st. right next to this building.

When you arrive, please call me and I will come let you inside. The building remains locked at all times. The other people inside work for other companies and will not let you in if they’re not expecting you. While you are in the building, do not let anyone else inside; their host will meet them.

There are multiple entrances. See below.