We welcome professionals of all kinds to work at SURGE. It doesn't matter what you do or how big your company is, not any two SURGE members are the same. We have members from all different fields and fortes, many of whom are entrepreneurs, startups, remote workers and freelancers: Writers, accountants, lawyers, IT companies, nonprofits, artists, students, and more. No matter what our members do, they all bring something to the table and are a great local community of friendly, hardworking people.

We offer mail service and package handling as well as meeting room access for all membership levels. You can rent meeting rooms by the hour if you are not a member, however mail service is only available to members. Reception services are not part of the service we provide.

You can also purchase a day pass for $15 if you are in town for a day and need somewhere to work. Please contact the Community Manager to set that up.

Members get 20 hours of free meeting room usage per month. Beyond that, rooms can be rented for an hourly rate. Meeting rooms can be reserved in the Member Portal.

The cafe is available to rent outside of business hours. Please see the Community Manager for details or to make arrangements.

Please let the Community Manager know if you are planning to receive mail here so that we may label a mailbox for you. Your mail can be addressed to your personal name or business name at our building street address. Please be sure whichever name you put is known the the Community Manager so we sort it to the correct mailbox. We’ll sort the mail and place it in the mail station, and store your packages behind the front desk.


My Awesome Company 

5401 South Tacoma Way

Tacoma, WA 98409


You may use this address as your business address as well!

Yes! The Community Manager will accept packages during business hours. When you are placing an order, be sure to indicate delivery can only be made during business hours (i.e. on Amazon, make sure you’ve selected “No Weekend Delivery” for this address, and write “Monday-Friday 9-5” in the comments.)

Yes, you can leave your stuff during the day.  If you do not have a Dedicated Desk or Private Office, please don't leave your items out at the end of the day or when you will be away for more than an hour — take them with you or put them away in a locker if available.  If you have a Dedicated Desk or Private Office you are welcome to bring a desktop computer and other items that will help make you more productive and/or personalize your space. We don't take any responsibility for missing items and your belongings are your own responsibility and not insured in any way by us. 

Yes! We have a projector to lend out to our members for presentations or events. Please make arrangements with the Community Manager in person or via email at least 1 day in advance for weekday use and by Friday morning for weekend use. In order to utilize the projector you would also need to reserve our large conference room or cafe area, which have pull-down screens for projecting onto the wall.

We offer both Dedicated Desks and Private Offices, where you would have your own personal space, and Commons or Cafe memberships where the seating arrangements are not fixed.  Come for a tour and pick the option that would work best for you.

Private Offices and Dedicated Desks are someone’s personal area, and are only available to the member or company that has that specific space rented. The Cafe, the lounge at the front of the building, and the long table in the back are all for communal usage.

We have a private parking lot behind the building just for our members, and you are welcome to park there if you have a permit. Ask the Community Manager about getting a permit tag for your car. Parking is on a first come, first serve basis; we do not reserve any specific parking spots. Please do not leave valuables in your car, as SURGE is not responsible for any missing belongings or damage. The parking lot is intended for member use while on the premises, so please do not leave your car parked for any extended periods of time.

The black and white printer is offered as a convenience to members.  Currently we offer 25 free prints per month and charge 15 cents for each additional page.  Please use an outside printer for very large quantity print jobs. (We actually have a print shop next door, Northwest Impressions, who would be happy to help!) Print jobs are processed through a service called Ezeep. Please see the Community Manager for help setting that up.

Yes, you can take short phone calls, but please be respectful to those around you. If you need to discuss something confidential, need to raise your voice, or simply need privacy, please step into a meeting room, find an area that is not being used, or go outside. If you have to talk on your phone all day, a Private Office membership is the best option.

No.  We provide high speed internet access free of charge and take care of the utilities, we do ask that you help us reduce waste and conserve energy by using resources responsibly.

Yes and No. We take care of weekly cleaning of the common areas and emptying the dishwasher and garbage cans, but we ask that you clean up after yourself and keep the space neat for your coworkers.

Coffee, tea and filtered water are available to you in the kitchen 24/7, included with your membership. If you are the first coffee drinker in the morning, please get us started and if you finish a pot, please make a new one. Instructions are posted on the wall next to the coffee maker. We also have an espresso machine!

Yes, feel free to bring in your own food and snacks.  Please label items with your initials and the date, and remove perishables in a timely manner.

CenturyLink Fiber internet.

No.  We provide high speed internet access free of charge and take care the utilities, but we do ask that you help us reduce waste and conserve energy by using resources responsibly.

Yes. We do mixed recycling including plastics, paper, aluminum, tin, boxes and cardboard. Glass recycling bin is under the sink. Please help us conserve resources and recycle when possible and avoid putting garbage (or dirty recyclables) in the recycling bins.

Yes. We have one small and one large meeting room perfect for client meetings, and those can be booked through the Members Portal. Please sign guests in at the front desk.

Members are welcome to have guests during for meetings and for occasional visits as your business demands. Please have your guests sign in on the guest sign in sheet at the front desk. If you have a guest or associate staying more than 3 hours, please have them apply for their own membership or purhcase a day pass. You must greet your guests in the cafe area and accompany them throughout their time at the SURGE, and remember you are responsible for your guests. 

No. Your entry code is for your individual use only and may not be shared with anyone.  Please have guests set a time for arrival or call you when they arrive so that you can meet them and let them in. Your guests are your responsibility and should be with you at all times. 

Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. If a guest will be staying longer than 3 hours, a Day Pass may be purchased from the Community Manager. Please request the Day Pass 24 business hours before the day in question.

Quiet, well behaved children are welcome for a brief visit.  If something unexpected comes up and you have a child who needs to be with you for the day and can work quietly by your side, please check-in with us. Children need to be supervised by their parents at all times and children cannot cause an ongoing distraction to other members. At no time is running around the building permitted.

The membership fee is due on the 1st day of the month. There is a $25 initial late fee on the 6th of the month, and $5 per day until fully paid. A $25 fee will be charged for failed credit/debit card payments or returned checks.

The easiest way to pay is to set up credit card or automatic (ACH) bank account payment, which can be done in our online Members Portal. We also accept payments by check, cashier's check, money order or credit/debit card in the office.

Yes.  You can upgrade your membership at anytime. We will work with you to meet your current needs, making it easy for you to manage and grow your business.  We simply transfer your deposit to your new space, based on current availability. We do require 30 days notice to downgrade or cancel.

We understand that needs change, and that's why we keep it month to month! If you need to cancel, please provide written notice to the Community Manager (an email is fine) that includes your move-out date, and he or she will walk you through the rest. Please note that 30 days notice is required as stated in the Membership Agreement.