Member Testimonials

Brian Forsythe

Owner of Solid Chops Accounting LLC

"I moved to Tacoma from New York City. I got here on February 1, 2016. I had a desk at SURGE Tacoma on February 2nd. As soon as I heard of the plans for SURGE South, I expressed my interest. My home is close by in South Tacoma and I was more than happy to have my business here as well. The experience has been great! The community managers at all SURGE properties are fantastic! I have witnessed how they set a tone for the spaces. The rest comes from fellow coworkers. I enjoy the social interactions as well as having professionals to ask questions of their expertise."

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Cassie Fastabend

Employee Benefits Independent Agent

"I have loved my experience at Surge! As an independent agent, I work for myself; it's so nice to have a community to connect with. I love the options for different levels of membership too, which keeps it affordable for all types of businesses, no matter where you're at. Alice, our community manager, is also an awesome asset. I would recommend this Surge location with two thumbs up!"

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Mike Francis

Technical Support Agent

"I've been a member since November 2018, Alice the Community Manager is very friendly and professional. The twice monthly breakfasts and Happy Hours are a great way to meet the other members and learn about their businesses - many are experts on the Tacoma area, a great resource if you're new to the area. Their pricing plans are hard to resist - starting at $75 / month. I have a reserved desk @ $199 / month that has worked well for me. They also have private offices for reasonable prices. When I was looking for office space - I found that Surge had the best services for the price.  If you've been curious about co-working - you should check them out!"

Bijo "King" Cherian

Entrepreneur and Lyft Recruiter

"Surge is a great place if your a start up or established business. I love this place because it is very close to everything I need. Also has parking for my clients. Rates are also reasonable. Everyone here are small business so it’s easier for me to network with everyone."

Annet Asio-Pasquali

Administrator for Vibrant Healthcare Staffing & Homecare

"I chose Surge south Tacoma because this location is close to where I live, and also because it is located in a vibrant business district, easily accessible by clients and employees. My experience has been wonderful. Alice, the location manager is so helpful and supportive, she made moving in and settling such a smooth process. I would recommend Surge for anyone who needs an office at an affordable price."

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Susan Cruver

Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitters

"We chose Surge South because we were sick of using coffee shops as our meeting grounds. It was always so loud and we found ourselves being mostly distracted. We came to tour Surge South and immediately loved the set up! We wanted a place to meet staff and clients where everyone would be comfortable and we found it!"

Regina Mavis

Admissions Manager at U. of Utah Eccles School of Business

"Having just moved from Salt Lake City, I needed to find a place to work remotely during the day and my husband spotted Surge as a viable co-share work space option. I highly recommend this option for people who telecommute or own their own business. I chose a private office space and find that it meets all of my needs- I have to talk over the phone throughout the day, so it's perfect for me to have these phone conversations without bothering others around me. I especially enjoy chatting with Alice, The Community Manager of Surge South Tacoma in the morning and getting to know others who share this work space. I am very sociable so having people around me makes my day sunnier. The space is bright and the kitchen has all of the amenities: fridge, coffee maker, water-heater for tea, microwave, and in addition there is even a stove. Alice also brings everyone together with community events so we have opportunities to get to know each other and our businesses."

Richard Moore

Owner of Seasoned Innovations LLC

"I chose Surge South for their convenience and support of small businesses in the local area. I love it here. When I am here, it gives me flexibility to teach, work privately, meet clients in a more relaxed, yet professional space. Hard to beat for any startups and seasoned businesses who need a simple professional meeting place."
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Rebecca Sevin

Graduate Student

"While I know many people dream about it, working from home can be distracting and isolating. Since joining SURGE South Tacoma I've been much more productive when I'm doing work and feel more relaxed at home. Everyone has been friendly, and there is an office energy without any office drama. The multiple membership options are very helpful for fitting a budget!"

Christopher Hammond

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Stairway Investments LLC

"After touring the building and meeting the Community Manager Alice for the first time (Alice is great by the way, she has been wonderful), it was a no-brainer. This space just seemed to fit and it’s fairly close to my home. I have not regretted my decision either, this space is awesome. It has large conference rooms, a cafe-style meeting space and kitchen. FREE coffee, friendly people, and did I mention that the Community Manager, Alice, is always a pleasure to be around.
I would absolutely recommend Surge South Tacoma to anyone in need of an office space or even just a place to come and do work in the cafe. It has a professional, friendly, and comfortable vibe and has been a great place to make the home of our business."

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Tim Jaasko-Fisher

TJF Consulting

"My youngest daughter is responsible for my coming to Surge. One day she informed me, as only a teenager could, that by continuing to work from a small desk in my bedroom at home I was “sleeping in my office every night and that I worked hard enough to deserve better”. I like Surge South because the people are friendly, and it has a down to earth, unpretentious feel."
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Patrick Kendrick

Legal Shield

"I've been a member of the Surge community since 2014, and have been VERY pleased with its service offerings; so much so that several of my business partners have joined as well, per my recommendations. The staff is ALWAYS a delight to interact with via their user friendliness in helping members getting to know, like and trust other members through their regularly sponsored social activities and events. So COME join us, and you too will be just as HONORED, PRIVILEGED and PLEASED to be a part of such unity in the Surge community as this satisfied member is. GRATITUDE!"

Jessica Henry

College Student

"The space has tall ceilings and natural light, and it has a welcoming atmosphere. Alice (the manager) is friendly and helpful! It’s easy to schedule networking events, and the professional feel makes it an excellent place for business meetings. This is a quiet and restful place to have a productive day."

Sheila Bernard

JOB Employment Services

"A great place to work! Private parking, secured building, clean. I enjoy grabbing coffee and getting to talk with people who have a passion for what they do! Alice, you are doing a great job!"

Eric Self


"Surge South is a fantastic place to work! Alice is a fantastic manager and will help you to find the perfect work setup for your specific business. You will be surrounded with entrepreneurs in a friendly, no-hassle office space!"

Aaron Schmookler

Co-Owner of The Yes Works

"Great location. Great design aesthetic. Great capacity to start small and grow in place. It worked for me because I wasn’t as effective and focused as I needed to be at home or in coffee shops. I’ve more than made up for the rent in improved sales effectiveness. So, if that might be you… Coworking might be too." 

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Andrew Kidd

Health Coach

"Perfect for small businesses to get started and grow.  I use this location for a meeting area with associates and clients.  There are a few meeting areas that I use frequently. Alice, who runs the place is amazing and love her to pieces.  She is always pleasant and helpful. If you are looking for a wonderful place to get work done and work alongside other entrepreneurs and business owners this is a wonderful place. So happy they are in the area."

Vaughnie Wright

Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting

"Surge is great! Love the different price packages they offer for co-working space. Great people and atmosphere. Alice is a gem! The monthly mixers are a great way to network and socialize with fellow small business owners. I will definitely recommend Surge to anyone interested in utilizing a co-working space!"

Catherine Grider

Owner of Purple Cow Publishing

"I chose Surge South Tacoma because it was an affordable way I could start my business while I figured out all the little details before going live. Its location is convenient, and Alice has been amazing! The Surge is the perfect place for any start-up. It is affordable, especially when you think of all the extra costs of starting a business."
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Cheryl Martin


"SURGE South Tacoma, is a comfortable office sharing space that is easy to find.   When I have clients come for a meeting, there is plenty of parking.  Alice, the manager, is helpful and informative. The other business owners sharing the offices are easy to work with and friendly. There is a fully stocked kitchen with stove, microwave and Fridge!  This place is AMAZING!!"

Debby Tabios

Vadis employment services

"Surge has been a great place for me to do some work in a quiet environment. The staff have been wonderful, especially when I needed their help! I would recommend Surge to anyone looking for a space to work out of. Thank you Alice for just being there when I need help and having such a wonderful attitude!!"

Elke Schwartz

Owner of JOB Employment Services

"This is a great place for to start up a business, or for a small business to provide services. I have used Surge to start up my business and will continue to use them as long as I can. This is cost efficient which provides a low overhead. The owners are amazing and the office manager is the best in the world! Coffee, Tea, monthly breakfasts and happy hours are some of the great perks of being a member at Surge South."

Jaryd Madlena

Tech Product Manager

"I've been a member of SURGE South Tacoma for a few months, and I've found that it is a great workspace. Everything is handled professionally and in a friendly manner. I recommend it if you are looking for a space to work."

Agustino Nartapura

Broadcaster for

"A great environment to work in and I have notice an increased in productivity since I joined. Great community and support for all your start up needs. FIBER INTERNET! Common areas, kitchen, desk space, private offices, and conference rooms. Alice, the community manager is awesome to work with and will answer any of your questions. 6/5 Stars!"