Surge Stories March 2021

Welcome to Surge Stories! What is Surge Stories, you may ask? Surge Stories is a series that talk about past members who were at any of the 3 Surge facilities. We share their stories as to why they choose Surge, share their thoughts about the region, and about their success. These businesses and individuals graduated from Surge and then move on to a more permanent location.

Surge coworking is all about creating an inclusive and safe working environment. We hope to nurture and foster new and existing businesses. One way that we do that is by lowering the barriers that many small businesses face. Location, long lease terms, high financial costs, highspeed internet, equipment, are among many of the things that Surge helps business owners overcome.

Our goal is to be a part of building community inside and outside of our facilities. Having a strong business community is Tacoma is a win for the South Sound Region. We are humbled to play our part in doing that.

So stay tuned to Surge Stories as we talk to Surge Tacoma business alumni!