Member Testimonials

Deborah J. Mischo, LICSW, LCSW

"Surge is a great coworking community.  It's fun & inviting and has all of the necessities for a growing business. With the different levels of membership it's convenient and accessible whenever we need to work. If you're looking for workspace, it's an amazing place to be."

Michael Forney

"A great place for startups and small businesses to grow and receive top quality assistance. Nice facility and great staff."

Bijo "King" Cherian

Entrepreneur and Lyft Recruiter

"Surge is a great place if your a start up or established business. I love this place because it is very close to everything I need. Also has parking for my clients. Rates are also reasonable. Everyone here are small business so it’s easier for me to network with everyone."

Vadim Shevchuk

"I have been a member for over a year! This place is great! It has really allowed me to grow my business. The WiFi is great which is a must. And the managers are super helpful. If I ever had an issue with something they were always 100% on it."

G E Shaw

"SurgeTacoma represents the best of a co-working and startup business for anyone looking to operate or startup a business. Why? Because, it is a great place to start a business with minimum financial cost; or a great environment, if you are looking for a quiet refuge from home (while working). Furthermore, it is a place for networking and enjoying other professionals like you. College and graduate students welcome, as well as freelance writers, consultants, etc... so come on down and check the Surge! One other note of interest, the writer of this post, I have been here since the conception of this community & co-working organization (June, 2013) and it has been great for me and work."

Josh Kilen

President, Cascade Digital Marketing

"Initially, I came to SURGE to get away from my wife’s cats. After the fifteenth time they ran across my keyboard, and messed up a piece of content I was working on, I knew it was time for my own space. Coffee shops were an option, but I got tired of drinking a gallon of coffee every day and I didn’t like leaving my laptop unattended when I had to use the bathroom (it was so much coffee).

"I saw an ad for SURGE and called them up for a tour. The community manager showed me around, and I signed up right away. For the price, the amenities you get at SURGE are the best deal in Tacoma. My business has grown dramatically since I joined in February 2016, a large part of that due to the professional atmosphere, the location, and the support at SURGE. I recommend SURGE to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level."

Brandon Vukelich

"Great, affordable co-working space.  Peaceful environment with top-notch conference rooms in a variety of sizes that are generally always available."