Tacoma Developer Tackles Affordable Housing by Converting Hotel to Micro-Apartments

Eli Moreno’s micro-apartments located at 2405 Pacific Avenue in Downtown provide much needed affordable housing to Tacoma, and put to good use another Historic Tacoma Landmark.

Tacoma WA – The City of Destiny has a new affordable housing apartment complex. Eli Moreno, CEO
of Surge Tacoma states “Housing affordability has become a critical issue that we can no longer ignore,
and we should all do our part to try to solve it”, so Moreno bought a disheveled hotel needing
rehabilitation. He and his team repurposed it into 46 micro-apartments with rents starting as low as $799 a
month. Each apartment is fully furnished and includes a full bathroom, bed, sofa chair, desk and a small
kitchenette with microwave and fridge. The property also boasts a large community area where people
can mingle if they need more space, with an oversized full kitchen, ping pong and pool tables, movie
room, laundry room and ample sitting areas. Residents will also enjoy a super-fast high-speed connection
throughout the building.
“We wanted to bring to market a place where working people don’t have to spend most of their paychecks
on rent, and yet enjoy a nice and safe place to live” Moreno declared about their Tacoma Flats. Micro-
apartments are sweeping the nation, this new concept in apartments is a great way for people who do not
need a lot of space to have a comfortable, yet small space that is built upon the community aspect of
shared common space. Micro-apartments are perfect for students, workers and commuters. Millennials
gravitate toward the idea of not needing to pay for a huge space to rent when they are working long hours,
and not locked away inside their home.  
The three-story hotel opened in 1913 and is listed on the Tacoma Register of Historic Places. “The
building was neglected, suffering major deterioration, and we are very happy that yet another building in
our City has been saved from the wrecking ball” Moreno said.
The Morenos are no strangers to this type of creative adaptive re-use building renovations, or to
affordable housing for that matter, as their apartment buildings are some of the most affordable in the
area, and their coworking spaces offer a cheap alternative to office tenants. They are in the process of
finalizing the remodeling plans for the iconic Old City Hall building in downtown Tacoma that will also
offer affordable apartments among the mixed-use plans for the building.

Find out more information at www.tacomaflats.com