Member Spotlight: Vibrant Healthcare Staffing & Homecare

Annet Asio-Pasquali and Terran Combs are serving their community by providing access to quality healthcare staffing and homecare to those who need it most. They are growing their business at Surge South, and we are so excited to support them on their journey.

Tell us about your business! Who are your customers and how do they find you? What lessons have you learned building a customer base?

My name is Annet, administrator at Vibrant Healthcare Staffing & Homecare, and my administrative assistant is Terran Combs. We provide healthcare staffing and homecare services. On the healthcare staffing side of the business: we recruit, screen, and place healthcare workers such as Nurses and Nursing assistants (RNs, LPNs, CNAs) into various facilities like assisted living, rehab centers, nursing homes, and hospitals.

On the homecare side of the business, we recruit passionate caregivers to provide assistance to our clients in the comfort of their homes. Our homecare clients are mostly the elderly and people with disabilities who need some level of assistance with activities of daily living. The caregivers can help with: meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, drive to doctor’s appointments, companionship to social engagements (church weddings), bathing, grooming, etc. 

We customize each care plan according to the needs of the individual. We believe that wellness is living a vibrant life; therefore, we strive to keep the client engaged in daily activities as much as possible.

All our employees undergo an extensive screening process that includes an extensive background check, drug screen, finger printing, assessment tests, reference checks, etc. This gives a piece of mind that we have the best employees for the job.

Tell us about one of the biggest obstacles you have faced in your work and how you overcame it.

The biggest obstacle has been trying to establish a new brand amidst big name brands in my industry. Some people do not like to work with small companies or startups. However, there is an advantage to it. A small homecare company like mine will provide a more personalized care plan to the client that a big company.

I overcome this obstacle by requesting my existing clients to be a reference for quality of service verification if a prospective client needs it. This helps a prospective client to trust me with the care of their loved one

Where do you see the business five years from now?

In five years, I would like my company to be the top provider of homecare and staffing services, providing the best care, at the lowest cost. In terms of numbers; I would like to have 100 clients and 200+ employees in five years 

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be successful in what you do?

  1. Passion to care for other people 
  2. Attention to details because people’s lives are on the line
  3. Hard work & Resilience 

How do you define success?

Success is the ability to imagine it and do it

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration is my elder brother Joachim. He imagined a life without poverty, where everyone had their most basic need, and went ahead to create it. He worked so hard, started a couple businesses, and supported our entire family financially because my parents were very poor.

What made you choose SURGE South Tacoma? What has your experience been like and who would you recommend it for?

I chose Surge south Tacoma because this location is close to where I live, and also because it is located in a vibrant business district, easily accessible by clients and employees. My experience has been wonderful. Alice, the location manager is so helpful and supportive, she made moving in and settling such a smooth process. I would recommend Surge for anyone who needs an office at an affordable price.

Where can people go to support your business?

My websites are: for healthcare staffing (coming soon) for homecare
Email: or 
Telephone: (253) 240-6489
Physical location: 5401 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409
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