What is a Community Manager?

The Community Manager is a big part of what sets coworking spaces apart from traditional office space, but it’s not always clear to people what Community Managers do. Short answer: they do it all. 

Hi, I’m Alice, the Community Manager at our Surge South Tacoma location, and here is a little insight into why our coworking space Community Managers are an integral part of the service we provide.

From left: Stasha Moreno, COO of Surge Coworking, and the Community Managers: Alice Lubic, Surge South Tacoma; Brittany Saucier, Union Club Tacoma; Taylor Manteufel, Surge Tacoma, at the 2019 South Sound Business Summit.

The goal of our coworking spaces is to support Tacoma’s small businesses by reducing the pain points that local entrepreneurs, startups and remote workers experience–especially the isolation and distractions caused by working from home. We provide the physical space for you to get all the benefits of an office without committing to an expensive lease, but the community aspect is equally if not more important, and as Community Manager, I am here to facilitate that.

We have one manager who runs each of our locations, and this role incorporates a few different types of work:

Office Management
We help to create and maintain an office environment that is clean, comfortable and convenient–we take care of the day-to-day details so you don’t have to. Things like making sure there’s always coffee ready,  replacing printer toner and office supplies, tidying up communal areas, watering plants and taking out the trash.

Member Management
After coordinating with you to set up a tour, we will get you signed up and handle all your billing and invoicing using a specific coworking management software. We are here daily to help you troubleshoot IT problems, locate things around the space, sort your mail and receive packages.

Marketing and Social Media
How did you hear about us? It was probably from something we posted. Every Instagram post, Facebook event, Craigslist ad, flyer, newsletter and email you see is done by the Community Manager.  We look for ways to engage our current members through business resources and local events, and we also educate people about coworking by showing off our space, memberships options, and introducing you to who works here through our Member Spotlight interviews.

Community and Networking  
We plan and host events for members to come together and network (and socialize) with our community. This includes twice-monthly networking events, usually a brunch or lunch and a Happy Hour, where we make food, serve drinks, and get to know each other a bit. Plus we hold educational talks and workshops. We also attend local networking events outside our space to help educate the Tacoma community about coworking.

As Community Managers, we are in a unique position to support small businesses and remote workers while they focus on their work by providing affordable office space that is conducive to getting work done. I love working alongside members as they grow their businesses, and I take pride in maintaining our space so they can do what they love, and love where they do it.