Why I Love Coworking

Stasha Moreno
Stasha Moreno,  Operations Manager SURGE Tacoma

Since starting my job as the community manager of Surge Tacoma I have reveled in the many amazing colleagues I have met. Some people cowork to get out of their busy house– leaving kids and spouses at home, and needing a different space to work. The great thing about coworking spaces is that they make members more productive. By creating a space where people can go to be professional, and get work done, members are more likely to focus on their work, and by having a space dedicated solely to work people get in the mindset of working when they are in our space, and are thus better able to get down to business!

But not only does coworking make members for effective at their jobs, it also creates a sense of community in what can often times be a lonely 9-5 work life.

Coworking creates community through the use of space. Members find themselves making new friends and meeting interesting other business professionals– it helps to be surrounded by people from many different fields. Talking to someone who works in advertising for instance, as someone who works in say sales, or writing, can be a meaningful interaction that leads to out of the box thinking and new ideas for your own work.

Happy hours, seminars, luncheons, and meetups all help to enhance networking. Who knows who may work in the same building as you and how they may help you with your ventures, or become a new friend, if nothing else knowing another smiling face in the office is never a bad thing 🙂

– Stasha Moreno